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Attention Seniors - Transcript of Call 8/21/14
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Attention Seniors:

After several meetings with the Raleigh Police Department and several phone calls with various city officials we have been given permission to continue the tradition of the senior parade on Monday, August 25th, however the parade with be under stricter safety guidelines.

The police and city officials have made it very clear that the parade will be cancelled for any future classes based on the conduct of the participants in this parade. All drivers and their passengers must be wearing seat belts at all times, therefore no students will be allowed in the back of pickup trucks, or allowed to be standing up in any vehicles. In order to participant, all students will have to sign a safety agreement prior to your involvement in the parade.

Therefore, students that are caught in violating the strict safety guidelines at Monday’s parade will be subject to the following penalties:

  • A loss of driving and off campus privileges for 6 weeks.
  • A loss of privileges to participate in the senior award day and the senior picnic.
  • A loss of privilege to attend their senior prom with strong consideration of not being able to walk the stage at graduation to receive your diploma.

It is important that all senior have an opportunity to attend the senior breakfast and parade.  If anyone needs a ride from Sanderson High School to Monday mornings event, please call the school (919-881-4800) and let us know you need a ride.  You must be at Sanderson High School, in the bus area, no later than 5:45AM for a departure at 5:50AM.

We know this day will be an exciting day for you and we want you to have an exceptional senior year behaviorally and academically!


Please make the best of this opportunity you have been given!


Gregory S. Decker Ed.D.

Principal, Sanderson High School

5500 Dixon Drive Raleigh NC 27609

(P) 919-881-4800

(F) 919-881-5006

Home of the Spartans!



A copy of the letter Seniors will be required to sign to participate in the parade is attached.



Attached File

Schedule pick-up on Monday, August 25, 2014
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Sanderson Families,

When students report to school on Monday, they will find several lists posted around school.  These are first period classes.  Students should find their name on the list and report to the classroom that is listed. 

All students will get a new schedule in their first period teacher's classroom.  All students are instructed to follow their given schedules. 

Counselors are still working on changes, and will be helping students with missing schedules or holes on Monday-Wednesday in the media center.  

Leandra Carpino, M.Ed, NCC
Dean of Student Services
Sanderson High School
5500 Dixon Drive
Raleigh, NC 27609
919.881.4827 (phone)
919.881.4814 (fax)
A message from Dr. Decker 8/22/14
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Hello Spartans!

Can’t wait to see you on Monday!  Here are just a few reminders.

  • Sr. Parade Monday - The Seniors have their parade on Monday morning.  They arrive on Sanderson’s campus about 7:00AM.  All traffic will stop to let them in the parking lot.  Anticipate delays!  Arrive early!  Parents who wish to observe the parade should not take open parking spaces in our Sanderson parking lot since these spots have been assigned to staff and students. The Stadium lot is off limits since this is a buses only area! I recommend parking on side streets.
  • Car-pool - Car pool rules will be on the school’s website this weekend.  It usually takes a few weeks for our parents to get comfortable with the traffic flow and rules.  It does get better over time!  ALL CAR POOL DRIVERS MUST PULL ALL THE WAY DOWN THE CAR POOL LANE to drop off their children AND PLEASE DO NOT STOP AT THE FRONT DOOR. 

  • Dress Code - It is still summer but school is not the beach.  We do enforce the dress code.  No hats, nor head covering of any kind, no clothing that is too tight, too loose, too low, too revealing or too saggy. Parents will be called to deliver more appropriate clothing if needed.  We will enforce dress code on the first day.

  •  Lunch period – Like most routines this too will take some time for the students to get adjusted to.  If possible, it might be wise for students to bring their lunch to school for the first two weeks so they do not need to wait in the lunch line for a long time.

  • Schedule changes – For the first week, the counseling staff will be working with students to address any scheduling concerns.  If a student received what they requested and now want to make changes, these requests will not be honored.  We will be addressing schedules with holes, repetitive classes, classes needed for graduation and classes needing prerequisites.
  • Bus Transportation- Due to state budget cuts to transportation, most bus routes were adjusted and many traditional bus stops have been changed.  Check the website:  http://www.wcpss.net/school-directory/bus-routes/552.html

  • First Period on Monday – Students will report to their first period at 7:20 AM.  Students that do not know their class assignment should check the student lists that are posted in the hallways for their proper classroom. 

  • We are here to help your child- A great deal of staff will be in the hallways to always assist any student as they get adjusted to a new schedule and/or school.

  • To those student still needing off campus passes and parking permits – Personnel will only be available to assist with off campus lunch passes and parking permits on Monday, August 25 – Friday, August 29 – from 2:20PM – 3:00 PM


Juniors and Seniors,

I know many of you want to decorate your parking spot prior to Monday. 

  • Please know that you cannot use permanent materials as you decorate your parking spot
  • Please do not use any vulgar or inappropriate words or images.  
  • Please don’t vandalize our school and property. 
  • Please  understand that we have two hard working custodians and it simply is not fair to have them clean up after you

We understand that this is an exciting time for you but it is important for you to maintain the high level of behavioral integrity.  Be classy Spartans!



Gregory S. Decker Ed.D.

Principal, Sanderson High School

5500 Dixon Drive Raleigh NC 27609

(P) 919-881-4800

(F) 919-881-5006

Home of the Spartans!


Sanderson Bus Transportation
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This is a message from the Wake County Public School System for families at traditional calendar schools who will ride the bus to school. With the new school year, bus locations may change based on the students on the route.

Bus stop locations will be posted online Monday, August 18 at www.wcpss.net/transportation Click the bus routes link.

Look for your school on this page and click the link to find the school’s bus routes. Find the intersection nearest your residence. Be at the stop 10 minutes prior to pick up.

Families that do not have access to the internet should check their bus routes with their school.

We encourage parents to review bus safety and their family bus plan with their children to get the new school year off to a great start.

Copy and Paste the link into your web browser for more information! 


Traffic and Carpool Letter
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Please view the detailed traffic letter attached!

Attached File

Morning Traffic Map
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Please see the map for morning carpool details! 

Attached File

Student Parking and Lunch Passes
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Absolutely no passes will be issued during the school day. Parking and lunch passes can be addressed after-school only! 

Attention Morning Drivers!
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Please adhere to the following traffic patterns.

Carpool vehicles: Enter from the north (from the North Hills Drive direction) and
turn left into the middle lane, which will take you to the drop-off area.
Student Drivers: Enter from the south (from Millbrook Road direction) and turn
right into the right entrance lane, which will take you straight to the parking lot.
There will be a short area that will allow lane changes. However, it is our goal for drivers to
arrive at school in the proper lanes to reduce lane changes so traffic can flow more freely.

Attached File

Attached File

Attached File

Parent Volunteers REQUIRED to Help Direct the Senior Parade
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Senior Parents,

As most of you probably know, the Senior Parade, scheduled after the breakfast on August 25, was called off due to the safety concerns of the Raleigh Police Department.  After much discussion and hard work by Dr. Decker and Beau Mills, the Senior Parade is back on! 

Dr. Decker has done an "all call" to all Seniors outlining expectations for Seniors.  I hope to have a transcript of the call to send out soon.  Seniors will be required to sign a safety agreement and follow all safety rules and traffic laws including wearing seat belts and not standing in any vehicles.  Violations will have severe consequences.

Parent Volunteers REQUIRED to Help Direct the Parade.

Sign up here: http://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c0f48a8ac2ba20-senior1

Help by ensuring our seniors have SAFE AND ENJOYABLE PARADE at intersections along the parade route.
Helpers will Cheer on the seniors AND help by “directing” the parade. 

We'll have Raleigh police officers directing traffic at both intersections that have stoplights. At the other intersections on the route, we need AT LEAST TWO  parents to make sure the cars keep to the official route and following basic rules (no one hanging out of cars or standing in a pickup truck bed).  There are a lot of spots on the route where kids could (accidentally on purpose) make a wrong turn, and you can help keep things flowing smoothly (and thanking neighborhood folks that we may be holding up as the parade passes).

Each volunteer should be in place by 6:45am at your assigned intersection/turn (parade is set to start by 6:50am and takes approximately 5-6 minutes to pass by you).   Here it is a YouTube video from a past year https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xeNhTVbxnHw

As the students drive by, do not stand in the road but assume safe position where they can clearly see you and simply point in the correct direction.  We are committed to helping them keep a safe and steady flow for the parade.  Once the parade has passed your intersection, you are free to go – and please pick up any decorations/trash that may have inadvertently fall off of the cars (being a good neighbor!).

Parade Route:
Leave the back parking lot of Trinity Baptist on Terry Road – POLICE ESCORT (front and rear of caravan)
Right on Ellwood-
Left on Pamlico -
Right on Northbrook-
Right on Yadkin - (POLICE officer here*)
Right on Rampart -
Straight across Manchester -
Left on Cranbrook -
Right on Shelley -
Left on Collingswood -
Left on Wimbledon-
Right on Dixon –
Cross Millbrook (two POLICE officers here)
Continue on Dixon to SHS (one POLICE officer here)

Please volunteer.  The police have requested that we have this parent participation so please show them that we care!

Thank you for your help!

Beau Mills
Senior Parade Traffic/Parking Chair

Sent by
Cindy Jones
SHS/Senior Yahoo Moderator

SHS Senior Breakfast and Parade Invitation for August 25, 2014
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SHS Senior Breakfast and Parade Invitation
CLASS of 2015 - We'll make H15TORY
All Sanderson Seniors are invited
When:  Monday, August 25, 2014
Where: Trinity Baptist Church, 4815 Six Forks Road, Fellowship Hall
Time:  6:00am
Wear: Your Senior T-shirt to the Breakfast!

Prizes will be awarded to the best decorated car/truck!
(remember safety!!!)

SENIORS: Pick up your pre-ordered Senior t-shirt (or purchase while supplies last!)
    Aug 20: Walk your schedule
    Aug 25: At the Senior Breakfast

Parents:  Come and cheer for our Seniors along the parade route from Trinity to SHS!
(route will be announced).

Parents, Please consider donating to the senior class events!  These senior activities are 100% funded by parents. Contact Gina at gbierman52@gmail.com (or bring your donation to Walk the Schedule - form attached).


Attached File

New bus routes available for traditional calendar schools on August 18
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New bus routes available for traditional calendar schools on August 18

New bus routes for the 2014-15 school year will be available online August 18 for WCPSS traditional calendar schools. The bus routes will be shared at http://www.wcpss.net/parents/transportation/routes-and-stops.html the week before the new school year begins.

Families should check the bus routes to find the stop closest to their address. Each year, bus stops change based on the students who ride the route. Students should be ready and waiting for the bus at least 10 minutes before the bus is expected to arrive.

New practices
This school year for the first time, WCPSS Transportation has a team of routing specialists who will work to provide eligible riders safe and timely bus service.

They will base routes on families who used bus service last year or families who signed up to ride the bus for 2014-15. In the past, transportation plans assumed all students would ride the bus. Of the 153,000 students last year, 76,000 were bus riders.

Beginning the planning process with accurate ridership will help Transportation planners provide superior bus routing. This should provide families better bus service from the start of the school year. Routes for known riders will be set for the first day of school. Bus drivers will practice set routes to be ready for the first day of school. With superior routing, buses will travel less distance saving money on fuel and maintenance.

Alternate stops
Students eligible for bus service are assigned a stop this school year based on their home address of record. If families need an alternate stop for before- or after-school care, they may request that online at www.wcpss.net/busrequest.

Transportation will evaluate these requests to determine if the alternate stop fits on an existing bus route and that space is available on the bus to accommodate the student. WCPSS does not add bus stops during the first 30 days of school.

Students who were approved as voluntary transfers for 2013-14 and received transportation for the year may apply online to seek bus service for 2014-15. The request will be reviewed to determine if it falls on the existing route of a bus with available space and does not significantly affect other students’ ride time.

Special needs students
Families of children who are homeless, have Individual Education Plans (IEPs), or have plans under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (504) may need to request special transportation, as they move into the community or change address. These families will need to enroll their child in the new school or notify their current school of the address change and inform school staff of their child’s IEP, 504 plan or homeless status. Students will be assigned to transportation.

After the first 30 days of school, bus drivers will monitor ridership. Transportation will drop the bus stop for students who do not use the bus for 10 consecutive school days. Families only need to apply for students to receive service again.

The goal of this practice is to improve the service for those that consistently ride the bus.

Tags: Transportation Department



Gregory S. Decker Ed.D.

Principal, Sanderson High School

5500 Dixon Drive Raleigh NC 27609

(P) 919-881-4800

(F) 919-881-5006

Home of the Spartans!


ATTENTION SENIORS - College Application Personal Essay Review and Tutoring
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College Application Personal Essay Review and Tutoring

Sponsored by the SHS Academic Booster Club – Free to students

Improve your college application essay in a 15- or 10-minute, one-on-one tutoring session

Many colleges require personal essays on their applications.  An engaging, strong essay can mean the difference between college acceptance and rejection.  Getting started early on the application process, especially in the crafting of thoughtful and polished essays, will improve the chance of submitting an excellent, competitive application.

Dr. Jane Elkins, a published writer, tutor, former college teacher (UNC-CH, Davidson, Meredith), and SHS parent, will diagnose your essay’s strengths and weaknesses and will advise you on fine-tuning its content, structure, and style in a 15- or 10 minute one-on-one tutoring session (depending on when you sign up – the earlier you sign up the longer your session; September sessions will be 15 minutes, October sessions will be 10 minutes).  Dr. Elkins is also offering group workshops on Tuesday, September 2nd at 2:30 p.m. and on Friday, September 5, during smart lunch (10:45 a.m.).

Limited time slots are available, and the process is as follows:

  • Sign-up for only one slot, beginning August 20th (at walk the schedule), on the schedule posted outside Mrs. Bradford’s room (231).
  • Sign-up for only one:  one hour workshop on September 2 at 2:30 p.m. or on September 5, during smart lunch (10:45 a.m.).
  • Four 15-minute time slots are available after school on 9/15, 9/16, 9/22, 9/23, 9/29 and 9/30 (room 231)
  • Six 10-minute time slots are available after school (room231) and in the evening (Media Center) on 10/6 and 10/7.
  • Pick up “The Personal Essay Suggestions” and “Reminders” hand-outs to get started.
  • Go to the college or the “Common App” website and choose an essay prompt.
  • Draft a personal essay/statement.  Email the draft to Dr. Elkins directly at janelkin@bellsouth.net using a double-spaced document (MSWord or Macintosh Pages) or including it in the actual email.  Be sure to provide the prompt.  Send no later than 24 hours before your appointment; however, there will be more time for her to review if you send it further in advance.
  • Dr. Elkins will send a reply that she received the essay.  If you send it after 9:30pm, then you will receive a reply the next morning.  If you do not receive a reply from her, please bring a hard copy to your appointment.

Questions or concerns may be directed to Jill Priester at jpriester@nc.rr.com or 919-880-1763.




Join the Sanderson PTSA
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PTSA Membership form attached. 
Make checks payable to Sanderson PTSA and mail to: 5500 Dixon Drive, Raleigh, NC  27609

You can also complete the form and bring it with your payment to "Walk the Schedule" or "Meet the Teacher Night"

Attached File

Meet The Teacher Night
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Meet The Teacher Night
Wednesday, September 03, 2014
Parents and students are invited to our annual Fall "Meet the Teacher Night." During this event parents have an opportunity to meet their child's teachers for the fall semester. Teachers are available to answer questions, share work samples, and tell you about the expectations for the upcoming semester. 

Josten's Ring and Senior Orders
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Josten's Ring and Senior Orders
Thursday, September 11 2014, Josten's will be set up in the gym lobby during all lunches to take ring orders.

Thursday, September 11th, Josten's will also host a Parent Order Night from 5:30 - 7:00pm in the gym lobby to take class ring orders and graduation product orders.
This is informal - no meeting, just come and place your order anytime during this time.

Friday, September 12th, Josten's will be set up in the gym lobby during all lunches to take graduation product orders.

When you order your cap and gown, a diploma cover and tassel are included, you do not need to order them separately.
You will not receive the diploma cover, it will be given to the school.  This is what is handed to your student when they cross the stage.
There will be an opportunity in April/May to exchange or purchase your honors tassel.

AFJROTC - New and Returning Students
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"Sanderson AFJROTC meet and greet picnic Sunday August 24th from  4-6pm at Sanderson in the JROTC room. Hosted by the AFJROTC Booster club.  All new and returning families are welcome. Don’t miss this great way to start out the new school year and meet some new faces.  10th, 11th and 12th grade families are asked to bring a dessert to share"

1st Day of School, August 25th - Get there early!
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School may not start until 7:20 but on the first day of school, the Senior Parade arrives at 7am and the police stop all traffic.  Carpool and Student Drivers should plan ahead and arrive before the parade.   

We will be publishing the parade route so parents can line the route and cheer on our students.  

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EF High School Exchange Year (www.efexchangeyear.org) is proud to showcase a wonderful student from Germany.  We are still looking for a Sanderson family to Welcome him to your home for the first semester only.  Maybe you are going to travel to Germany in the future, maybe your family enjoys culture or is learning German for a second language? Maybe your family wants to make a "dream come true?"  Please contact Nicole Luna 919-798-1715 or Nicole.luna@efhighschoolexchangeyear.org.  If you would be interested in opening your doors to this lovely student for the first semester - please get back to me.  He comes FUNDED (pays for belongings, entertainment, school lunches) SCREENED (He has a high English score of 8!!!) INSURED (He is covered).  

Florian is a 16 year old friendly and nice young man with a positive attitude and an outgoing communicative personality. Florian likes to do sports. He is a member of a fitness club and goes there several times a week. Also he likes swimming,  soccer, and reading. Florian likes to spend time with his father, his family and his friends. He is an independent person and very mature for his age. Florian has the maturity and flexibility to participate in a cultural exchange program with a new host family, school and community. He is very open for new challenges and is looking forward to do any kind of activities with his new family.  He scored high in his English scores, gets good grades, and can't wait to start this year here in America.

Nicole Luna
Regional Coordinator - North Carolina
EF High School Exchange Year

Post approved by Leandra Carpino - SHS Student Services

SHS PTSA - Together In Education with Harris Teeter - (code - 1733)
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SHS PTSA - Together In Education with Harris Teeter - (code - 1733)
Dear Parents,
Beginning August 1, Sanderson PTSA proudly joins Harris Teeter’s Together In Education program to help raise funds for our school. It’s easy and it’s FREE. Simply give the cashier our code, 1733, and your VIC card when you check out and your card will be linked for the entire school year. That’s it! YOU ONLY HAVE TO LINK YOUR CARD ONCE A YEAR. Once your card is linked, the PTSA will receive a percentage of your Harris Teeter brand (Harris Teeter, Premier Selection, H.T. Traders, Harris Teeter Naturals, Your Pet, Hunter Farms, Highland Crest and More Value) purchases credited back to our account.
This program does not interfere with your VIC savings or cost you any money!
Don’t forget to link your VIC card to our account code
(1733) next time you are shopping at Harris Teeter.

Thank you.
SHS PTSA Fundraising Committee

FCCLA Students Place 3rd in the Nation for Interior Design!
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This summer 3 FCCLA students, Jenn Rich, Robyn Sawyers, and Michelle Stawn attended the National FCCLA Leadership conference in San Antonio, TX.  They competed in the Interior Design Competition and placed 3rd out of 65 nationwide teams.  Next year we have our eyes set on 1st place!

Senior Breakfast and Parade - Class of 2015
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Senior Breakfast and Parade - Monday, August 25th
Rising Senior Students
  - Class of 2015

August 25th @ 6:00 AM at Trinity Baptist Church on Six Forks Road 
followed by a Parade through the neighborhood to Sanderson.

We need your help to make this memorable for our students!

To sign up, go to:

Also  join the Class of 2015 Yahoo Group
Just send an email to: shs_2015_parents-subscribe@yahoogroups.com (2 underscore and 1 dash)

Note: The breakfast is for the students only but we would love parent helpers to be there!

Attached File

Attached File

SHS 2014-15 Daily Schedule
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Check out the daily schedule calendar for the 2014-15 school year.  You can get more information on the changes from Dr. Decker in this video.


Academy of Finance
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The Academy of Finance is accepting applications! This is an opportunity to be part of a one-of-a-kind program. Make friends, go on field trips and explore the exciting world of business. The Academy of Finance is an inclusive program that you can do along with other extracurricular activities. Submit your application to Ms.Melton.  Applications are available at www.shsaof.weebly.com.

Rising Senior Families - We need your help NOW!
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Rising Senior Families  - Class of 2015
We need your help now for the Senior Breakfast and Parade.

To sign up, go to:

The Senior Breakfast and Parade will take place on the first day of school, August 25th.  

You will receive more information about this event in the mail.

If you have any questions, please contact Cindy Jones at cmj61@nc.rr.com


Class of 2015 Communication
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If you would like to be involved and informed about your child's Senior Events, join the Class of 2015 Yahoo Group
Just send an email to: shs_2015_parents-subscribe@yahoogroups.com (2 underscore and 1 dash). 
Mention you are a parent or student in the SHS class of 2015.


If you have any questions or problems joining, contact Cindy Jones at cmj61@nc.rr.com

Yearbook Mug Shots
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When you get your schedules this summer, parents and students please make sure to check your schedules carefully because whatever grade appears on your schedule is the grade where you will appear in the yearbook.  Contact the Main Office immediately if you notice your grade level isn't correct. 

Parking Application and Regulations Now Available
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Forms for students to apply to park in the SHS parking lot are available on the Student Services Forms page.

Bus service for the 2014-15 school year
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Please share with families new to WCPSS or families who will start riding the bus in 2014-15. 
Current bus riders do not need to take any action.

WCPSS Communications
Bill Poston
(919) 431-7816

For Immediate Release | May 30, 2014

New practices begin today to provide better bus service

WCPSS will put new practices into place beginning today for the 2014-15 school year with the goal of improving yellow bus service for families.

Families new to Wake County enrolling in school and current families who will be first time users of bus service in 2014-15 will be required to request transportation service. The requests must be completed approximately one month before the start of school to receive first day service.

Cutoff dates for first day service

  • Year-round calendar schools regardless of track assignment must enroll and request bus service by June 6 to receive first day service.
  • Modified calendar schools must enroll and request bus service by June 25 to receive first day service.
  • Traditional calendar schools must enroll and request bus service by July 21 to receive first day service.

For families who are eligible for transportation and request services after the cutoff date, first day bus service is not guaranteed.  Requests received after these cut off dates will be processed in the order received. Transportation will make every effort to provide service using existing bus stops as quickly as possible.

Impact on families
Families currently enrolled in WCPSS who are using bus service and eligible for bus service next year will automatically be assigned transportation to their address of record and need take no action.

Families who want to ride the bus next year, are not current riders and are eligible for bus service next year should go to www.wcpss.net/busrider starting today and request transportation services.

Starting today, families new to WCPSS can request Transportation service as they enroll in school. They should enroll as soon as possible and request transportation before the cutoff dates listed above for their school calendar.

Why make this change?
Beginning the planning process with accurate ridership will help Transportation planners provide superior bus routing. This should provide families better bus service from the start of the school year. Routes for known riders will be set for the first day of school. Bus drivers will no longer have to wait at stops for families who don’t plan to use the service and will practice set routes to be ready for the first day of school. With superior routing, buses will travel less distance saving money on fuel and maintenance.



AP English IV Summer Reading Assignments
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Your summer reading assignments are ready!  Please see the letter on the SHS website for details, and visit the class website (www.turnerenglish.com) for the other materials.  Send me an email (Lturner5@wcpss.net) with questions.

Attached File

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